MODAGRI participates in the following exhibitions:


In Greece :


+ Since February 2006 and every two years we take part in the exhibition AGROTICA in Thessaloniki, and

+ Since February 2011 and every two years in the exhibition ΚΗΠΟΤΕΧΝΙΚΑ in Athens.


In other countries:


In September 2005 the MODAGRI PLANTS was the first Greek company that participated in FLORMART of Padova in Italy, perhaps the most important exhibition for the ornamental plants in a pioneer country, in the production and trade of this kind worldwide. 


Επίσης λόγω της καλής γεωγραφικής θέση της επιχείρησης στα Βαλκάνια από το 2009 παίρνουμε ακόμη μέρος:

 + in ΑGRA, in Plovdiv, Bulgaria each March,

 + in Serbia eah May,

 + in ΙNDAGRA, Bucharest, Romania each October and

 + in flower show, in Istanbul, Turkey each December.


In these countries we export constantly over the last 10-12 years.