Modagri Tech

   Modagri Tech was funded after Modagri Plants, in order to cover professionals working in this field with equipment that is an integral part of creating and maintaining a garden. Our company supplies producers, garden centers as well as landscapers with raw materials, technical means but also specialized materials and tools.

   Our experience in production but also in organizing a nursery as well as in managing with the sales, guarantee the effectiveness of the products and systems we suggest and provide. 

   Our products cover all the needs of equipment and organization of your store (from greenhouse plants, specialty fertilizers and medicines to replant stalls, tags and packaging) and the wishes of your customers (from colorful pots, stakes and bamboo canes up to shovels , scissors and planters).

    In summary, our products are classified into:

   Rely on our expertise and the quality of our products and services to establish the result that will leave your customers satisfied.

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